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thoughts on performance

Performance is a gift to time, facilitated through performer and audience.


arranging pace: Jasmin Schaitl, 9 hour performance, mo.e, Vienna, August 2013
foto by William “Bilwa” Costa


collaboration #04: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa”Costa, Apartment Project, Berlin, Oktober 2013
foto: Berk Asal, Gök Su

collaboration 01

collaboration #01: Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa”Costa, friday exit, Vienna, July 2013
foto: Christian Konrad Schröder

comment 12

comment #12: Jasmin Schaitl, Serendipity Gallery, Berlin, May 2012
foto: Joana Dias


re-fade: Jasmin Schaitl, 3 hour Performance, Sanatorium Gallery Istanbul, August 2013
foto: Jürgen Fritz



Jasmin Schaitl is an inter-disciplinary artist, with a visual arts background, focused on live performance art. Interested in a site-specific approach in her researches, she generates installational environments and modifies the perception of the space through her actions during the performances. As she wrote her master thesis about representation of performance art, the remnants and outcomes of her performances are important aspects of her research and often culminate in installations.

In her durational works, she emphasizes the individual perception of time passing. Her work often contains sensual elements and haptic experiences. Instead of constructing narratives, she bases her actions on the simplicity of specific movements.

Currently, she is examining how durational pieces affect and change the perception of time. Through repetition and slow movements, both audience and performer achieve states of minds where time and one’s self can be observed and experienced at different paces.

Jasmin Schaitl has performed, exhibited, and facilitated art exchanges in Europe, Central America and Brazil.

Jasmin Schaitl und William “Bilwa” Costa sind seit Oktober 2013 artist in residence @ im_flieger.


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