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Trash.on or on contemprification a lecture performance/performance by Veronika Mayerböck


IDEOLOGIES OF FUNDING, CHAPTER 2: Go with the market (Authentic Trendembodiment)

„On Contemprification“ is a solo performance about not knowing.

About beiing an artist in doubt.

About why creating is not producing.

A Lecture performance dealing with reasons why Art itself is probably nuts

and we maybe just need a new hobby.

This very first work in progress scetch is starting as a lecture performance with its thematic focus orientated on the contemporary artfield itself, the personal and professional situation of artists today and the influences of liberal market principles on artproduction, speaking about art and behaving of an artist.

How does „contemprification“ work?     

Where is the very thin line between authentic art and artfield produced „trash“ to be set? What does artistic trash stand for, is trash the same as „Kitsch“ or is „Kitsch“ nowadays „Avantgarde“?

Currently the development within the piece goes more into the research of „funding ideologies“, „wording“ of critical discourse within the field, principles of the artmarket and the artist himself as a human beeing and part/product of net- works and society.

How to find a physical form of expression for complex theoretic discourse?

A continuous transformation in structure, order and role, true and fake of information creates different perspectives….

(The final piece is shown on November 18th 2013 at Volksroom Brussels)



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