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Child in the wilderness / Samuel Ekeh (NG)


Samuel Minegibe Ekeh is a member of the Guild of Nigerian Dancers, a member of Lekki Artistes Association (Co-founded by Samuel Ekeh), and also a member of Ijodee Dance Centre. In 2012 he received the danceWEB Scholarship. He was selected with nine other dancers to participate in DANZPRO 2011 and 2012 editions – A Contemporary Dance Workshop for Young Professional Dancer organized by the Alliance Francais, Institute Francais and the Goethe Institute – Nigeria and the Nigerian representative at the Ecoles des Sable 2011 Danse de Corresponse in Senegal. Samuel  Ekeh is a versatile Artist in Dance, Music and Drama. He is also a Composer, Song Arranger, a Rapper, Singer and an Actor. Samuel hails from Abia State in Nigeria-West Africa. Samuel is single, he is a very open person always willing to learn new things, and he strongly believes no man is an Island.

Samuel Minegibe Ekeh has worked with both National and International Choreographers, Directors, Producers and Dance Theorists like Germaine Acogny, Muyiwa Oshinaike, Isabelle Schad, Keith Henessy, Adedayo Liadi, Susan Bentley, Bud Blumenthal, David Zambrano, just to mention a few.

His work  Child in the Wilderness  is dance performance which entails the richness of the African history relating it to our moderm day life style .The ideology of this project is toward understanding the different states of human consciousness and the awareness, to explore the rich content of the African innovation. The development of this dance titled Child in the Wilderness is an experimental process that reflects the title yet exposing the African tradition to its unknown audience. 


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